Let the drain take the strain

Published Tuesday, 1st May 2018 in Research at SRUC news

Jennifer Carfrae with Iceland delegates Iris Thorarinsdottir, left, and Amundi Brynjolfsson
Jennifer Carfrae with Iceland delegates Iris Thorarinsdottir, left, and Amundi Brynjolfsson

Scottish drainage expertise will help the capital of Iceland to cope with warmer and wetter winters in the future. 

This follows a visit by a delegation of engineers, planners and scientists from Reykjavik to the Edinburgh campus of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC). 

Following a week-long knowledge exchange tour around Scotland, SRUC hosted a one-day seminar co-organised by Heriot Watt University. The event was in association with Glasgow University and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and hosted on behalf of the research group of the Scottish Green Infrastructure Forum (SGIF).

Scotland is recognised as a world-leader in the application of ‘soft engineering’ sustainable drainage infrastructure (SuDS) to help manage flood risks and diffuse pollution. This attracted the attention of the Icelandic group as they prepare to introduce such systems into Reykjavik City.

SRUC’s Jennifer Carfrae, co-organiser of the event, said: “The seminar was a great success with in-depth discussion of our SuDS use in Scotland, and sharing of key experiences in relation to management of these systems within our current policy and planning requirements. Under a progressively changing climate, both national and international knowledge exchange and sharing of best practice in areas such as sustainable water management are vital to ensure future resilience.”

David O’Brien, Policy and Advice Manager at Scottish Natural Heritage, said: “SuDS ponds are designed to reduce flooding and prevent pollution, but scientists in Scotland have shown they also support a wonderful variety of wildlife such as frogs and dragonflies. Having these systems at the heart of our cities ensures that even in our most urban environments, people can connect with nature.” 

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