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Published Wednesday, 11th April 2018 in Staff news

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Visualisation of digital classroom done by "Sticky campus"

A working group made up of staff from IS and Education have been collaborating to create a new digital classroom, which lays down the foundations to change the way we teach at SRUC.

The "Teaching and Learning Test Environment”  (LaTTE) will provide staff with an environment to upskill and develop teaching material which allows students to learn in a more interactive approach. The aim is to allow students to become more involved with their studies – rather than attending classes and learning passively, they will be able to have a more active role.

The new technology will allow students to work collaboratively as individuals or in ‘pods’ of up to six, with the option of sharing information with any number of classmates throughout the session, from one or two people to sharing with the whole class.

The pilot scheme, which will be launched at the Barony campus early this summer, will provide technology that allows for class sizes of up to 36 to take part, with six ‘pods’ of six students. However, if the scheme is launched on a wider scale, the working group hopes to look at different ways for larger group sizes to learn and work together in a similar manner in “collaboration spaces”.

Findings from the pilot project will determine the next steps, with staff hoping to expand digital classrooms across the organisation.

The digital classroom is one of several major projects the IS team are working on, including an overhaul of the SRUC website, implementing a new Laboratory Information Management System, and improving our cyber security resilience. Watch this space for further updates!

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