Malawi Dairy Diploma Course Stresses the Fun

Published Wednesday, 24th October 2012 in International Activities news

Malawi Group with flip chart sheets

Staff from SRUC have returned from Malawi and a Fun filled Dairy Diploma training course.

The Diploma project, funded by Scottish Government, is helping the country’s Bunda College develop a national programme focusing on the needs of smallholder dairy producers. It involves SRUC’s Crichton Dairy Research Centre and Barony Campus in Dumfries.

Researchers Dr Dave Roberts and Ainsley Bagnall, with vet Helen Carty from Ayr joined Vince Holey of At Last Training who gave a hands on demonstration to Bunda College staff about how fun and a more participative approach to lecturing can help learning. His training-the-trainers sessions proved a great success.

The project has a practical focus. It is aimed at equipping new entrants with the tools needed and ensuring the existing workforce are better able to meet the biological and economic efficiency needs of smallholder dairying. However, according to Ainsley “Baggy” Bagnall, Vince Holley proved, there is more than one way of getting the messages across.

“Vince has a wealth of experience and was able to assist all participants on challenging situations. The course was so enjoyable that full attendance was ensured from start to finish. Another key point he got across was the importance of restricting group size, with preparation for maximum effect. This was a real eye opener for the staff at Bunda College who regularly lecture to classes of 300+!”.

Helen Carty commented:

“Vince’s participative training techniques gave us numerous practical tips. The overall theme was getting away from talking at our students and instead encouraging them to think and learn for themselves.”

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