Cricket, but not necessarily as we know it!

Published Wednesday, 17th October 2012 in Edinburgh Campus news

The sun was shining on twenty odd staff and postgrads as they made their way to Holyrood park to play cricket at the latest event in the Edinburgh’s Staff Association’s sport and social programme.

Umer Tahir set the example, arriving dressed for the occasion in a pristine white cricket kit. As he also brought the stumps, bat and balls he got away with it.

After a not very brief pitch inspection the field was marked out and play commenced. Each batting pair was given 2 overs to ensure that every one got an opportunity to bat and bowl. Runs were awarded in the usual manner but an additional points system helped with catches or run outs. It proved an exciting game with everyone contributing. Kath Duffy, the umpire, had to get out her calculator at the end of the game as Sharath and Umer hit a record number of sixes.

Afterwards, in keeping with tradition (of the group if not the game), everyone headed to the Holyrood 9A bar for some amazing burgers. All in all, it was a great day.

Prizes were awarded to the following:

Best dive: Jill Mackay. Cleverest batting: John Elcock for his little flicks. Most unfortunate fielding position: Carol Thompson. BEST at every thing: Shareth Umer. Most unfortunate bowler: Mofa (he came up against the best batters, poor soul). Best ever score keeper: Kath Duffy (for coping with the sledging). Best burger: Jarlath’s. Worst Salad: Grace’s.

The next Staff Association outing will be Archery in Lasswade High School on Thursday 1st November 2012. There will be an entry fee of £2/3. Following on from last year’s very successful archery night, this year we have a Team GB Olympian to guide us in the guise of SRUC’s very own Murray Elliot. If you are interested in attending please add your details by clicking here. Places are limited to 24 so reserve your place soon as spaces will fill up quickly. Registration will close on Friday 19th October.

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