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SRUC’s new mobile scanner shows staff what’s on the inside

Published Tuesday, 28th March 2017 in Veterinary Services news

Visiting the CT scanner

70 staff attended SRUC’s new mobile CT scanning unit open day – to see the new equipment at first hand and to discuss how it could be used to help with research or clients’ business needs.

The scanner was purchased at the end of last year and was jointly funded by SRUC and CIEL (Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock) - one of the four Agri Tech Innovation Centres supported by UK Government.

Visitors got a chance to view the new mobile scanner and watch a video of sheep going through the equipment.

They were also able to find out information about how the scanner had been used for previous work, and talk to the team about new opportunities for the use of CT in future work.

CT is a medical imaging technology that produces images of cross-sections of bodies (or other objects), using low dose X-rays, without harming the animal or object being scanned.

The data and detailed images produced allow tissues or substances of different densities within the object to be visualised and quantified. This enables very accurate estimations of traits like body composition, tissue distribution and bone lengths in live animals - which are very useful in animal breeding programmes.

Most of the CT work done by SRUC to date is to inform sheep breeding programmes. However, using the previous static scanner, we have also CT scanned pigs, poultry, fish and a whole range of zoo, wildlife and companion animals for different clients, as well as meat, logs, potatoes and other non-animal subjects.

This event was the first in a series of knowledge exchange events planned for this year, which will publicise the new mobile CT scanner as it travels to various sites around the UK. It is hoped that this will increase use of the CT scanner by sheep breeders and other users who can benefit from “seeing inside” different objects of interest.

Any colleagues, or associates, who were not able to make the open day, are welcome to get in touch with the CT unit to arrange a visit. Email:

Photo caption: Staff finding out moe about SRUC’s new mobile CT scanning unit at the open day.




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