“Paper of the Month” for SRUC Researcher

Published Wednesday, 10th October 2012 in Research news

Spring Barley crop

A research paper by SRUC’s Dr. Ian Bingham (Crop and Soils Systems) and colleagues at the James Hutton Institute was selected as “Paper of the Month” by the European journal of Agronomy.

Ian Bingham, with Ali Karley, Philip White, Bill Thomas and Joanne Russell, looked at what 75 years of plant breeding has done for the efficiency with which barley responded to nitrogen. While nitrogen has dramatically increased crop yields over the years, overuse or waste is not only uneconomic but very damaging to the environment. Their research has provided clues as to how plant breeders might make further improvements in the efficiency of nutrient use and so increase yields while lowering nitrogen demand.

The paper entitled ‘Analysis of improvements in nitrogen use efficiency associated with 75 years of spring barley breeding’ is based on research conducted under the 2006-2011 Rerad programme WP 1.7. The recognition of its quality came from the Editorial Board of the Journal which can be found on the European Society of Agronomy website.

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