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Veterinary Disease Surveillance Consultation Draws to a Close

Published Wednesday, 15th July 2015 in Veterinary Services news

Friday 10 July was the final day for submitting feedback to SRUC’s consultation on the future of veterinary disease surveillance in Scotland.

The consultation was launched at the start of June to gather views on proposals for potential changes involving the Inverness and Ayr Disease Surveillance Centres (DSCs). It follows the 2011 Kinnaird Review of Veterinary Surveillance commissioned by the Scottish Government.

Farmers, vets and other stakeholders throughout Scotland have voiced their opinion on the proposals. Staff of SRUC and its division SAC Consulting are also involved in the process.

SRUC will shortly submit a report to the independent Strategic Management Board set up in the wake of the Kinnaird Review. SRUC will then liaise with the Scottish Government to finalise plans.

Brian Hosie, Head of SRUC’s Veterinary Services said: “The feedback gathered from around Scotland will be extremely important in shaping final decisions about the future of Scotland’s Veterinary Disease Surveillance system and we thank all those who have so far taken part in the consultation.”

Final decisions will be made public in due course – timescales are dependent on discussions with the Strategic Management Board and the Scottish Government.

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