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Reminder: Veterinary Disease Surveillance Consultation

Published Monday, 29th June 2015 in Veterinary Services news

SRUC’s consultation on the future of veterinary disease surveillance in Scotland closes in just under two weeks’ time, on 10 July 2015.

SRUC is urging those who would like to participate but have not yet shared their views to get in touch.

The consultation was launched on 2 June 2015 to gather views on proposals for potential changes involving the Inverness and Ayr Disease Surveillance Centres (DSCs). It follows the 2011 Kinnaird Review of Veterinary Surveillance commissioned by the Scottish Government.

Farmers, vets and other stakeholders throughout Scotland are being encouraged to voice their opinion on the proposals.

The consultation has so far attracted many written responses and involved four discussion meetings in in the affected regions, attended by 80 local farmers and vets. SRUC’s Head of Veterinary Services Brian Hosie appreciates the feedback he has so far received.

He said: “The developments proposed to the surveillance service we operate on the Scottish Government’s behalf are intended to ensure that an efficient, sustainable and robust disease surveillance service is maintained for Scotland and the UK.

“Many of the views, concerns and ideas expressed by those who have so far responded to the consultation have been helpful and constructive and we would ask those who have yet to respond to do so in advance of the 10 July deadline.”

After the deadline, a report will be submitted to the independent Strategic Management Board set up in the wake of the Kinnaird Review. SRUC will then liaise with the Scottish Government to finalise plans.  SAC Consulting staff are involved in the process.

Those wishing to comment on the proposals are invited to access the consultation information at or contact Brian Hosie, Head of SAC Consulting Veterinary Services directly at or on 0131 535 3139.

For further information please contact Ken Rundle on 0131 535 4196 or

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