Tips on Safe Driving at Barony - Eye Opener for Students and Staff

Published Wednesday, 11th February 2015 in Study at SRUC news

Police demo at Barony Campus

SRUC Barony students and staff learned what the local Police experience when attending road traffic accidents; it gave serious pause for thought and will be part of future campus inductions.

The presentation by the local traffic division of Police Scotland was in response to a spate of local road traffic accidents involving young people. According to those attending the session was informative, interesting and eye opening. It also raised awareness of antisocial driving issues and safer driving techniques.

One element making a big impression was the set of videos produced by the Irish Government and which were horrifyingly graphic in nature! These and the opportunity to take part in a drive with a patrolman who gave a running commentary offered drivers young and old a new perspective on their road habits.

“It was an interesting insight into the life of a Traffic Officer,” said Charlie Osborne (studying HNC Animal Care) Campus Officer for the SRUC Students Association. “It was insightful, with interesting facts and eye opening video footage.”

The safety of passengers were not forgotten either. In addition to discussion over issues like seatbelts passengers were challenged to question whether the person giving them a lift was fit to drive and if it was appropriate to get into the car.

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