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Industry Recognition for PhD Student Kay Russell

Published Wednesday, 17th December 2014 in Study at SRUC news

Kay Russell

A PhD student with Scotland’s Rural College won the recent British Poultry Council Scholarship Award for her work on digestive problems in poultry.

Kay Russell, based at SRUC’s RIB facility on the outskirts of Edinburgh, received her prize at a ceremony in the House of Commons attended by key industry figures, leading peers and MP's.

The BPC Annual Awards ceremony at Westminster recognises outstanding achievements and potential for excellence. Welcoming the gathering Anne McIntosh MP, Chair of the Commons Environment and Rural Affairs Committee, said:

“Having a number of major poultry producers in my constituency I recognise and welcome their contribution to the local economy and bringing food to our table.”

Kay Russell’s BPC Scholarship Award was for her ongoing work into immune responses of broiler chickens to C.perfringens, the bacterium responsible for necrotic enteritis an intestinal disease. With global concern about the increase of antibiotic resistance among pathogens and pressure to minimise the use of antimicrobials, researchers are investigating host responses to establish why some animals are more naturally resistant to infection than others. Kay is exploring the interactions between genotype and the environment.

In response to her award Kay said:

“I am delighted to have been nominated and receive the BPC Scholarship Award. It’s exciting to be invited to the House of Commons and meet others connected to the poultry industry. Studies into host pathogen interactions are important for poultry health and I hope my research can go some way to improving results for the industry.”

For further information, see Kay's Research Profile.

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