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SRUC Raises Profile at Gleneagles Third Scen China Youth Summit

Published Wednesday, 3rd December 2014 in Study at SRUC news

David Hume at the Scen China Youth Summit

Scotland’s Rural College was a noticeable presence in Gleneagles at the third Scen China Youth Summit.

Two representatives from SRUC spoke at the event to over 300 delegates and the (then) Cabinet Secretary for Education and Life Long Learning.

This is the first time that SRUC had taken part in the conference and it was a great opportunity for David Hume, Head of Sport and Tourism and Danyu Li, an Elmwood campus student who is currently studying an HNC course in Golf Club Management at SRUC’s campus in Cupar.

The Scotland China Education Network (SCEN) exists to promote the learning and understanding of Chinese and the culture of China in Scottish Schools. The new leadership in China promises more growth as China increasingly welcomes partnerships with other countries.

The Gleneagles event was focused around celebrating friendship, collaboration and mutual understanding between China and Scotland’s schools, colleges, universities, professions and businesses.

The programme for the day was very full, with speakers from a variety of sources. For SRUC, David Hume spoke on the subject of Golf Education.

Danyu Li at the Scen China Youth SummitDanyu Li, 19, from Haerbin, Heilongjiang Province in the north of China, who is currently following an HNC course in Golf Club Management, spoke of her experience and her second stay on the Elmwood campus.

In speaking about the educational differences between Scotland and China Danyu noted the variation in teaching styles in both countries. Chinese schools and colleges focus on regular homework with study taking place only in classrooms, while Danyu says that in Scotland there is more hands on practical learning with study trips that inspire and put the theory into perspective.

“My time at Elmwood has shown me the value of education outside the classroom. I have experienced a different type of teaching and I am getting excited about learning."

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