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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

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News published April 2020

Vegan Chocolate

Unwrapping the secret of ‘healthy’ chocolate

Published on Wednesday, 29th April 2020

New ‘healthy’ and luxury vegan chocolates are being developed by two Scottish businesses with the help of an SRUC chef.

Rural Scotland

SRUC to research Covid-19 in rural Scotland

Published on Wednesday, 29th April 2020

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) is one of 15 Scottish universities and research institutions contributing to global efforts to combat coronavirus and its wider effects.

Farmers could improve their profitability by using new benchmarking tools

Benchmarking farm performance

Published on Tuesday, 28th April 2020

New benchmarking tools have been created to help farmers improve their profitability by comparing their performance against other businesses in the sector. 

David Barron

Hydrogen fuelled tractor enthusiasm grows on Aberdeenshire farm

Published on Friday, 24th April 2020

What started as a cursory interest has resulted in Mr Barron retrofitting two tractors and his farm jeep with a hydrogen electrolyser saving him 20% on his fuel costs.

Tractor in field

New approaches needed to boost productivity in Scottish agriculture

Published on Thursday, 23rd April 2020

Scottish agriculture may need to adopt some “radical” approaches to maintain productivity growth and enhance its resilience.

A new study aims to reduce yield variability in bean crops

Do you know your beans?

Published on Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

Researchers from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) have joined scientists across Europe to study factors affecting the yield of beans.

Ann Charles from Marie Curie collects PPE donations from SRUC

From classrooms to care homes

Published on Tuesday, 21st April 2020

Scotland’s Rural College has been donating supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the NHS, care homes and charities across the country. 

Fareshare staff sort donated food items

Chicken wings its way to charities

Published on Friday, 17th April 2020

Food banks, school breakfast clubs and homeless shelters have benefitted from a massive 1.4 tonne donation of chicken from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).

Binny Golf Club and Scotland’s Rural College partner to operate the Oatridge Golf Course

Putting Community First

Published on Thursday, 9th April 2020

The running of the Oatridge Golf Course at the Scotland’s Rural College at Ecclesmachan, near Uphall in West Lothian, has transferred to the Binny Golf Club. 

SRUC is doing everything that can be done to ensure continuity of the health scheme

Sheep and Goat Health Scheme

Published on Wednesday, 8th April 2020

A statement from George Caldow, Head of SRUC Veterinary Services, on SRUC’s Premium Sheep and Goat Health Scheme.

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