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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

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Webinars explore building a farm brand

From tractors to TikTok

Published: Tuesday, 14th July 2020

Two fun and fast-paced webinars will explore the importance of building a brand for your farm and guide you through the steps to achieve this.

Principal Consultant Chloe McCulloch is urging farmers to plan ahead

Farmers urged to prepare plan B

Published: Wednesday, 1st April 2020

Farming consultants have created an emergency document to help farmers plan ahead in case they fall ill during the coronavirus pandemic.

Doug Bell speaks at New Cumnock New Entrants event

Keen Interest at New Cumnock New Entrants to Farming Meeting

Published: Wednesday, 18th February 2015

Nearly 100 delegates from across the south of Scotland attended the recent New Entrants to Farming Gathering in New Cumnock, organised, as part of a Scottish Government programme, by SRUC.

Craig malone, new entrants

Two Events for Potential New Entrants to Farming in New Cumnock and Elgin

Published: Wednesday, 28th January 2015

Potential new entrants to farming can quiz those already having a go when they attend one of two meetings planned by SRUC in New Cumnock and Elgin.

New Cumnock Event for Potential New Entrants to Farming - Learn from Experience of Others

Published: Monday, 26th January 2015

Anyone interested in becoming a farmer can learn from industry specialists and the recent experience of Craig Malone, a Forestry Commission starter farmer, at New Cumnock on Tuesday 10 February.

Richard Lochhead, New Entrants, douglas bell

Importance of Support for New Entrants Emphasized at Farmer Gathering

Published: Wednesday, 5th March 2014

Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead was one of many who emphasized the need to support new farmers at a recent New Entrants to Farming Gathering held at Murrayfield.

Student farmers

Information and Inspiration the Aim of Gathering for New Entrants to Farming

Published: Wednesday, 5th February 2014

A special gathering is to be held at Murrayfield on Wednesday 26 February for anyone who has just become a farmer or for those wanting to be.

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