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Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015

SRUC Success at Edinburgh International Science Festival

Published: Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

SRUC’s scientists and postgraduate students held a very successful event at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh last week as part of Edinburgh’s International Science Festival.

Bob Rees at GreenCow

FAO’s Global Target for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock Too High for UK says SRUC Expert

Published: Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

The Head of the Carbon Management Centre at Scotland’s Rural College argues the recent target set by a UN Report is too high for British farming to achieve.


Rooftop Farms in Cities Could Help Ensure Future Food Security

Published: Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

Delegates at a recent international environment conference were introduced to the concept of urban agriculture in Edinburgh.

Sustainable Intensification Conference

Sustainable Intensification Conference Tackles the Big Issues

Published: Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

Last week’s highly successful SRUC conference discussed the vital new concept of sustainable intensification: producing more food while minimising our environmental impact.

Biomass harvesting

Farming Practices Will Need to Adapt to Help Solve Problem of Food Security

Published: Wednesday, 25th September 2013

A conference organised by Scotland’s Rural College will today highlight the need for agriculture to adapt to help tackle the growing issue of global food security.

Professorship for SRUC’s Bob Rees for his outstanding contribution to soil and environmental sciences

Published: Wednesday, 3rd July 2013

Dr Bob Rees has been presented with a Personal Professorship at SRUC’s graduation ceremony at Bute Hall, University of Glasgow on 5 July 2013.

Conference hopes to help make sustainable intensification a reality

Published: Wednesday, 10th April 2013

Sustainable intensification, the idea that we can increase food production without further damage to the environment, has been growing in popularity.

Bob Rees at GreenCow

Bob Went to Parliament

Published: Wednesday, 12th December 2012

Bob Rees has been to London to argue for policies that take soil more seriously.

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