We all love to talk about digital technologies as easier, better, faster ways to do things. SRUCBytes are 20 minute sessions to give you insight into how new tech works, how it's actually being deployed in the natural economy sector and the real benefits it achieves.

SRUCBytes was funded by a Universities Innovation Fund grant to SRUC, provided by the Scottish Funding Council.

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Session 1 – Distributed Ledger Technologies

Learn the tech basics about distributed ledger technologies (DLT – aka blockchain), and its main benefits in the agri-food sector. Find out how a group of Scottish farmers used DLT to provide more traceability and quality-assurance.

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Session 2 – Machine learning

Learn the main concepts of machine learning and its relationship to deep learning, big data and AI. Hear about SRUC’s machine learning capabilities and some of the projects researchers are doing using deep learning techniques.

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Session 3 – Internet of Things (IoT)

Learn the tech basics about Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and how they work. IoT technology is an umbrella term that refers to connected physical and digital components – find out more about IoT in the natural economy sector and how it is being used at SRUC.

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Session 4 – Robots

Robots, robots everywhere! Learn the basics about how robots work, find out what effect robots have on the natural economy and how they are used at SRUC.

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Session 5 – Satellites data

Learn the tech basics about satellites and how they collect data that observes Earth. Leap into space with us and find out more about how Earth observation data from satellites is helping us do innovative things in the natural economy sector and at SRUC.

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Session 6 – Drones

Learn the tech basics about drones and understand how they offer a breathtaking perspective of the world below. Find out more about what sensors they have on board, how these provide new digital services in the natural economy sector, and about the drone expertise SRUC has.

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Session 7 – Total controlled environment agriculture

Learn about new vertical farming methods, hydroponics and aquaponics and the tech that controls them. Find out more about how hardware and software comes together to grow food in a green and sustainable way, and about the companies leading the way in Scotland.

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Session 8 – VR, AR and Multidimensional Cameras

The transformative power of virtual and augmented reality, and multidimensional cameras as immersive technologies is coming to the natural economy. This final tech training episode introduces some of the uses emerging in the sector.

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Distributed Ledger Technologies in the natural economy

This talk is for any natural economy/agri-food sector professional or student interested in how distributed ledger technologies (DLT, of which blockchain is a type) can be applied in the sector.

The talk was created by SRUC’s Senior Challenge Research Fellow and Data Policy Lead Dr Hannah Rudman, when she previously worked for DLT platform developer SICCAR/Wallet. It was funded by a Universities Innovation Fund grant to SRUC, provided by the Scottish Funding Council.

Over 2.5 hours Hannah aims to give you an understanding of the impact of DLT and how it can improve natural products and businesses. She talks about technology in the sector and introduces common themes across use cases. The sessions will help you to confidently make strategic, informed business decisions and recommendations around implementing DLT solutions.

Session 1 – Distributed Ledger Technologies 101

This session covers the strategic technological value of DLT, the benefits for customers and efficiencies for organisations. It also discusses the basics of different types of DLT, such as blockchain.

Session 2 – DLT use cases across sectors

This session covers the general use cases and case studies from all sectors and gives an overview of the breadth of successful and in production use cases and applications of DLT.

Session 3 – Natural economy DLT use cases

This third session talks about use cases and case studies from the agricultural, natural economy and food and drink sectors.

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