Sustainable Environment: Land – Food – Water – Energy Nexus Conference

As global populations continue to rise so too does the pressure on our rural landscapes via increased economic growth and industry, urbanisation, and a continued need to support current/changing diets.

  • Date: 6th June 2022
  • Time: 9am-5:30pm
  • Location: Central Scotland
  • Delivery: In-person, Online
  • Type: Conference


Water as a finite resource is in ever increasing demand to support both the energy and food production sectors. Land, food and water have an inextricable link, their sustainable development requires a cohesive approach to ensure continued and efficient food security and energy production globally.

This international conference will allow participants to share and explore current research, innovation and best practices to support our continued provision of food and energy under the current climate crisis, changing policy, and population growth. Areas of interest include innovations in managing and protecting water, connecting agriculture and the nexus, community resilience and sustainability at the nexus, preservation of natural resources, and waste and the nexus.

Sustainable Environment: Land – Food – Water – Energy Nexus Conference

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