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Dr Michael MacLeod

Sustainable Ecosystems
Land Economy, Environment and Society

Research interests 

My main research areas are the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from food production, and the broader issues associated with agri-environmental regulation and food security. Methods: life-cycle analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis.

Selected research projects

  • 2016 Scottish Government: Benchmarking the emissions intensity of Scottish agricultural commodities against other countries
  • 2016 Scottish Government: Investigation into livestock health and GHG mitigation
  • 2015 OECD: A review of the literature on the cost-effectiveness of greenhouse gas mitigation measures for agriculture
  • 2015 International Livestock Research Institute: Greenhouse gas impacts of cattle disease control interventions in West Africa
  • 2014 UN-FAO: Life cycle analysis of GHG emissions for farmed tilapia, Indian major carps and striped catfish


  • MSc module Food Security Interrelationships
  • Ad hoc teaching at UG and PG levels on agriculture and climate change.

PhD students

  • Gareth Salmon
    Identifying ways to reduce the carbon footprint of African cattle systems through improved productivity
  • Charlotte Abbott
    Developing climate change adaptation strategies for intensive poultry production in the UK.

Selected publications

  • MacLeod, M. and Eory, V. (2016) Quantifying agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and identifying cost-effective mitigation. Chapter 7 of “Farm Level Modelling: Techniques, applications and policy” CABI Publishing
  • MacLeod, M., Eory, V., Gruere, G. and Lankoski, J. (2015) Cost-Effectiveness of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Measures for Agriculture: A Literature Review", OECD Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Papers, No. 89, OECD Publishing, Paris.
  • Powell, J. M., Macleod, M., Vellinga, T. V., Opio, C., Falcucci, A., Tempio, G., Steinfeld, H., and Gerber, P. (2013) Feed-milk-manure nitrogen relationships in global dairy production systems Livestock Science, 152, 261-272.
  • C. Opio, P. Gerber, A. Mottet, A. Falcucci, G. Tempio, M. MacLeod, T. Vellinga, B. Henderson & H. Steinfeld 2013. Greenhouse gas emissions from ruminant supply chains – A global life cycle assessment. Rome: FAO
  • M. MacLeod, P. Gerber, A. Mottet, G. Tempio, A. Falcucci, C. Opio, T. Vellinga, B. Henderson & H. Steinfeld (2013) Greenhouse gas emissions from pig and chicken supply chains – A global life cycle assessment. Rome: FAO

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Dr Michael MacLeod

Climate Change Researcher

Address: Land Economy, Environment & Society, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Peter Wilson Building, Kings Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JG.

Telephone: 0131 535 4124