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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Madeleine Henry

Veterinary Epidemiologist
Future Farming Systems - Epidemiology Research Unit

Research interests 

  • My major area of work since joining SRUC has been on verocytotoxigenic E. coli O157, with particular responsibility for field work in this area. Together with colleagues at the ERU and with consortium partners from other institutions, I am currently writing up the results of a prevalence survey of E. coli O157 among British farms that produce cattle intended for the food chain.
  • I am interested in antimicrobial usage and resistance and how the livestock industry can approach the challenges presented by resistance whilst maintaining animal health and welfare, as well as farm viability.

Selected research projects

  • Scottish Government Strategic Research Programme
    Working within Theme 2 on Research Deliverable 2.2.2 – Evaluation of livestock health and Research Deliverable 2.3.3 – Disease threats in the environment.
  • Maximising the predictive power of different measures of antimicrobial resistance for clinical outcomes using clinical mastitis in dairy cattle as an exemplar
    A comparison of three methods for measuring antimicrobial resistance, to establish whether any method is more closely associated with clinical outcome in the case of clinical mastitis in dairy cows.
  • E. coli O157 super-shedding in cattle and mitigation of human risk
    Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland-funded work to estimate prevalence of Escherichia coli O157 among herds in Great Britain producing cattle for slaughter, to characterise the organisms collected in terms of their genetic evolution since previous Scottish surveys and their similarities to E. coli O157 isolated from human clinical cases, and to determine potential intervention measures to mitigate risk to humans from infection with verocytotoxigenic E. coli O157. Collaboration with the Roslin Institute, Moredun Research Institute, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, BioSS, Health Protection Scotland and Public Health England.

    Selected publications

    Link to SRUC repository 

    Madeleine Henry

    Veterinary Epidemiologist

    Address: SRUC Research, Future Farming Systems
    Epidemiology Research Unit
    An Lòchran
    Inverness Campus
    Inverness IV2 5NA

    Telephone: 01463 246072