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Dr Lorna Cole

Research Interests

Lorna ColeMy main research focus is the interaction between agricultural practices and biodiversity.

The research I undertake is very much applied and currently we are investigating the impact of Riparian Buffer Strips (i.e. grass margins adjacent to watercourses) on the biodiversity of intensively managed grassland. We are looking to see whether Riparian Buffer Strips can potentially be integrated into intensively managed grasslands to reduce diffuse pollution and facilitate biodiversity without adversely influencing profit margins.

I am particularly interested in modelling invertebrates at the landscape level to determine the main factors driving assemblages at the species and the ecological group level.

Selected Publications

  • L.J. Cole, Harrison, B.,  Robertson, D., & McCracken, D.I.  2014. Safe guarding pollinator populations in an intensive grassland landscape. The Glasgow Naturalist 26:  25-28 Full Text
    Stockan, J. & Cole, L.J.  2014. Soil and vegetation responses to forested riparian buffer strips1. SRUC Rural Policy Centre Research Briefing: RPC RB 2014/14. Full Text
  • Stockan, J. & Cole, L.J.  2014.  Impact of riparian buffer strips on the ecological structure of ground beetle populations. SRUC Rural Policy Centre Research Briefing: RPC RB 2014/07 Full Text
  • Cole, L.J., Brocklehurst, S., Elston, D.A., McCracken, D.I.  2012.  Riparian field margins: can they enhance the functional structure of ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages in intensively managed grassland landscapes? Journal of Applied Ecology:  49, 1384–1395
  • Cole, L.J., Brocklehurst, S., Harrison, W., Robertson, D., McCracken. 2012. Riparian field margins:  their potential to enhance biodiversity in intensively managed grasslands.  Insect Conservation and Diversity, 5 86-94
  • McCracken, D.I., Cole, L.J., Harrison, W. & Robertson, D. 2012 Improving the farmland biodiversity value of riparian buffer strips: conflicts and compromises. Journal of Environmental Quality. 41 355–363
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  • Cole, L.J., Morton, R., Harrison, W., McCracken, D.I., Robertson, D. 2008 The influence of riparian buffer strips in intensively managed grassland fields on Carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblage structure and diversity. Biodiversity & Conservation 17 2233-2245
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  • Cole, L.J., McCracken, D.I., Downie, I.S., Dennis, P., Foster, G.N., Waterhouse, A., Murphy, K.J., Griffen, A.L. & Kennedy, M.P.  2005 Comparing the effects of farming practices on ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) and spider (Araneae) assemblages on Scottish farmland. Biodiversity & Conservation 14 441-460. Full Text
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Dr Lorna Cole

Agricultural Ecologist

Address: Land Economy, Environment & Society, SRUC, JF Niven Building, Ayr KA6 5HW

Telephone: 01292 525 295

Fax: 01292 525 333