Dr Klaus Glenk

Research Interests

  • Environmental valuation
  • Choices and behaviours of farmers and consumers

Within environmental economics, I focus on valuation of natural resources and ecosystem goods and services. Particular research interests include methodological developments in choice experiments and in benefit transfer, the incorporation of risk, uncertainty and ambiguity into valuation methods and contract design for public good provision. I have conducted applied research in various policy contexts including climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity conservation and freshwater and coastal management.


  • Diplom Forstwissenschaften (Univ.) (Forestry Science), Technische Universität München, Germany 2003
  • Dr. scientiarum agrariarum (Agricultural Science), Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Germany 2006

Research Projects

The Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change, UK (2012/13)
Assessing the type and level of adaptation action required to address climate risks in the ‘vulnerability hotspots’ – sub-section on coastal managed realignment.

Valuing Nature Network - NERC (2011-12)
Valuing the impacts of ecosystem service interactions for policy effectiveness
Assessing and valuing peatland ecosystem services for sustainable management

Scottish Government (2011-16)
Assessing the value of ecosystem services (WP1.2)
Understanding land managers’ attitudes and behaviour towards the management of environmental assets and responding to climate change (WP3.6)
Optimising the delivery of multiple benefits from land use (WP3.5)

NERC-DFID (2011-2012)
The Potential of Small-Scale Biogas Digesters to Improve Livelihoods and Long Term Sustainability of Ecosystem Services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (2010)
Socio-Economic Data on Scottish Soils – a Scoping Study.

Building research capacity on ecosystem services in semi-arid Africa.

Defra (2009)
Review of Methodologies for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD).

Scottish Government; Programme 3 – Environment – Land Use and Rural Stewardship (2006-2011)
Economics of soil carbon sequestration (WP3.3.1)
Understanding preferences for adaptation options to climate change induced changes in river flows (WP3.5.1)
Benefit estimation of EU Water Framework Directive implementation (WP 3.5.1)

Selected Publications

  • Colombo, S., Glenk, K. & B. Rocamora-Montiel (2015). Analysis of choice inconsistencies in on-line choice experiments: impact on welfare measures. European Review of Agricultural Economics. DOI:10.1093/erae/jbv016. Full Text
  • Meyerhoff, J. & K. Glenk (2015). Learning how to choose – effects of instructional choice sets in discrete choice experiments. Resource and Energy Economics 41, 122-142. Full Text
  • Liebe, U., Glenk, K., Oehlmann, M. & J. Meyerhoff (2015). Does the use of mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) affect survey quality and choice behaviour in web surveys? Journal of Choice Modelling 14, 17-31. Full Text
  • Martin-Ortega, J., Jorda-Capdevila, D., Glenk, K. & K. Holstead (2015). What defines ecosystem services-based approaches?. In: J. Martin-Ortega, R. C. Ferrier, I. J. Gordon & S. Khan (eds.), Water Ecosystem Services: A Global Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Full Text
  • Glenk, K., Martin-Ortega, J., Pulido-Velazquez, M. & J. Potts (2015). Inferring Attribute Non-attendance from Discrete Choice Experiments: Implications for Benefit Transfer. Environmental and Resource Economics 60, 497-520. Full Text
  • McVittie, A., Norton, L., Martin-Ortega, J., Siameti, I., Glenk, K. & I. Aalders (2015): Operationalizing an ecosystem services approach using Bayesian Belief Networks: An application to riparian buffer strips. Ecological Economics 110, 15-27. Full Text
  • Baulcomb, C., Fletcher, R., Lewis, A., von Almen, A., Akoglu, E., Hussain, S. & K. Glenk (2015): A Pathway to Identifying & Valuing Cultural Ecosystem Services: An Application to Marine Food Webs. Ecosystem Services 11, 128-139 Full Text
  • Schulz, C., Ioris, A.A.R., Martin-Ortega, J. & K. Glenk (2015). Prospects for Payments for Ecosystem Services in the Brazilian Pantanal: A Scenario Analysis. Journal of Environment & Development 24, 26-53. Full Text
  • Glenk, K., Eory, V., Colombo, S. & A. Barnes (2014). Adoption of greenhouse gas mitigation in agriculture: an analysis of dairy farmers’ perceptions and adoption behaviour. Ecological Economics 108, 49-58. Full Text
  • Adamowicz, W., Glenk, K. & J. Meyerhoff (2014). Choice Modelling Research in Environmental and Resource Economics. In: Hess, S. & A. Daly (eds): Handbook of Choice Modelling. Edward Elgar. Full Text
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  • Rocamora-Montiel, B., Glenk, K. & S. Colombo (2014). Territorial management contracts as a tool to enhance the sustainability of sloping and mountainous olive orchards: Evidence from a case study in Southern Spain. Land Use Policy 41, 313-324. Full Text
  • Martin-Ortega, J., Allott, E.H., Glenk, K. & M. Schaafsma (2014). Valuing water quality improvements from peatland restoration: Evidence and challenges. Ecosystem Services 9, 34-43. Full Text
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  • Colombo, S. & K. Glenk (2014). Social preferences for agricultural policy instruments: joint consideration of non-attendance to attributes and to alternatives in modelling discrete choice data. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. Full Text
  • Darshini, D., Dwivedi, P.& K. Glenk (2013). Capturing stakeholders´ views on oil palm-based biofuel and biomass utilisation in Malaysia. Energy Policy 62, 1128-1137. Full text
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Dr Klaus Glenk

Ecosystem Economics Team Leader

Address: Land Economy & Environment, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Peter Wilson Building, Kings Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JG.

Telephone: 0131 535 4176

E-mail: klaus.glenk@sruc.ac.uk