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Dr Klaus Glenk

Reader (Environmental and Resource Economics)

Team Leader Sustainable Ecosystems

Department of Rural Economy, Environment and Society

Research Interests

  • Valuation of ecosystem services and natural capital
  • Cost-benefit analysis of environmental policy
  • Technology adoption in farming
  • Food choice
  • Sustainable behaviours of farmers and consumers

My research focuses on the micro analysis of consumer and household decisions. I have extensive experience in the methodological development and application of stated preference methods, in particular choice experiments, and in cost-benefit analysis applied to various policy contexts including climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and freshwater and coastal management. A core research area in recent years has been on quantifying benefits and costs of peatland restoration (a summary of research outcomes can be found here).

Another strand of work includes investigating resource use decisions, technology choice and contract design for incentive-based land management schemes such as payments for ecosystem services (PES) of farm households in Europe and the Global South. Recent work also covers issues of demand for (food) products with sustainability and health claims.

I have been involved in research projects covering a broad range of environmental, food and land management issues within Europe (Spain, Germany, UK), in Asia (China, Indonesia, Myanmar), Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, Uganda) and South America (Brazil).

Selected research projects

  • GCRF South Asia Nitrogen Hub (NERC, 2019-2024)
    Evaluation of nitrogen options for economic and social benefit
  • Scottish Government Rural Affairs and the Environment Portfolio Strategic Research Programme (RESAS, 2016-21)
  • Theme 1 – Natural Assets
    Soil Management
    Integrated and Sustainable Management of Natural Assets
  • Theme 2 – Productive and Sustainable Land Management and Rural Economies
    Improving existing GHG reduction measures
  • Understanding ecosystem stocks and tipping points in UK peatlands (NERC, 2016-19)
  • Carrots and Sticks: incentives to conserve Hilsa fish in Myanmar (consultancy for IIED, 2018-19)
  • Sustainable farm Management Aimed at Reducing Threats to SOILs under climate change (SmartSOIL) (EU-FP7, 2011-2015)



I have developed course materials and am co-organiser of a graduate level module on Environmental Valuation at the University of Edinburgh. I supervise 1-3 MSc theses for School of Geosciences students each year. The following results of MSc projects were published in peer-reviewed journals:

  • Bosma, C., Glenk, K., Novo, P. (2017): How do individuals and groups perceive wetland functioning? Fuzzy cognitive mapping of wetland perceptions in Uganda. Land Use Policy 60, 181-196
  • Darshini, D., Dwivedi, P.& K. Glenk (2013): Capturing stakeholders´ views on oil palm-based biofuel and biomass utilisation in Malaysia. Energy Policy 62, 1128-1137

I have also lectured in the following courses:

  • Water Resource Management (graduate, University of Edinburgh)
  • Agricultural Economics (undergraduate, University of Edinburgh)
  • Project Appraisal (graduate, University of Edinburgh)

PhD students

  • Ghina Haroon
    Low carbon farming: making carbon accounting relevant to farming and food production
  • Jillian Gordon
    Farmer's cattle breeding choices: balancing productivity, sustainability and food security objectives
  • Ivana Yuniarti
    Economic valuation of trade-off of aquaculture benefits and costs in Lake Maninjau, Indonesia
  • Jessica Finan
    Climate change and land use change – impacts on bumblebee diversity 
  • Christopher Schulz (completed)
    The Value Base of Water Governance in the Upper Paraguay River Basin, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Selected publications

  • Glenk, K., Meyerhoff, J., Akaichi, F., and Martin-Ortega, J. (2019) Revisiting Cost Vector Effects in Discrete Choice Experiments. Resource and Energy Economics 57, 135–155.
  • Glenk, K., Johnston, R.J., Meyerhoff, J., and Sagebiel, J. (2019) Spatial Dimensions of Stated Preference Valuation in Environmental and Resource Economics: Methods, Trends and Challenges. Environmental and Resource Economics,
  • Glenk, K., and Martin-Ortega, J. (2018) The Economics of Peatland Restoration. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy 7(4), 345–362.
  • Villanueva, A.J., Glenk, K., and Rodríguez-Entrena, M. (2017) Protest Responses and Willingness to Accept: Ecosystem Services Providers’ Preferences towards Incentive-Based Schemes. Journal of Agricultural Economics 68(3), 801–821.
  • Schulz, C., Martin-Ortega, J., Glenk, K., and Ioris, A.A.R. (2017) The Value Base of Water Governance: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective. Ecological Economics 131, 241–249.
  • Glenk, K., Martin-Ortega, J., Pulido-Velazquez, M. & J. Potts (2015) Inferring attribute non-attendance in discrete choice experiments: implications for benefit transfer. Environmental and Resource Economics 60, 497-520.
  • Glenk, K., Eory, V., Colombo, C., and Barnes, A. (2014) Adoption of greenhouse gas mitigation in agriculture: an analysis of dairy farmers’ perceptions and adoption behaviour. Ecological Economics 108, 49–58.
  •  Glenk, K. & S. Colombo (2013) Modelling outcome-related risk in choice experiments. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 57(4), 559-578 (won Best Paper Award of the journal in 2013)
  • Glenk, K., and Colombo, S. (2011) Designing policies to mitigate the agricultural contribution to climate change: an assessment of soil based carbon sequestration and its ancillary effects. Climatic Change 105, 43–66.
    Glenk, K., and Fischer, A. (2010) Insurance, prevention or just wait and see? Public preferences for water management strategies in the context of climate change. Ecological Economics 69, 2279–2291.

Dr Klaus Glenk

Ecosystem Economics Team Leader

Address: Land Economy & Environment, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Peter Wilson Building, Kings Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JG.

Telephone: 0131 535 4176