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Jennifer Flockhart

Future Farming Systems - Dairy Research and Innovation Centre

Research interests 

I am a dairy researcher with a background in animal nutrition.  Most of my work is for commercially-funded dairy cow feeding and calf rearing projects, with input to the Scottish Government systems study and other experiments as required.

Selected research projects

Defra Low Protein demonstration
Following extensive work at Reading and Aberystwyth universities, this project follows two groups of cows, one on a ration with conventional protein content and one on a lower protein ration, for two years from 2016 to 2018.  Each mini-herd contains spring calving and autumn calving animals, whose performance will be monitored.  They will be grazed during the day in summer and fully housed in winter.


Supervise two to three honours projects a year.

Selected publications

See all of Jennifer Flockhart's publications here.

Jennifer Flockhart

Dairy Researcher

Address: Future Farming Systems, SRUC Dairy Research Centre, Hestan House, Dumfries DG1 4TA

Telephone: 01387 263 961

Fax: 01387251789