Dr Jude Eze

Research Interests

My research interests are in the application of statistical methods to epidemiology and environmental sciences. I am particularly interested in spatial epidemiology covering the study of spatial patterns of disease risks and taking into cognisance spatial-specific risk factors. I am also interested in multilevel analysis and changes in disease risks through space and time.

My PhD research was on HIV/AIDS Epidemic Models, conducted at Glasgow University and supervised by Prof John McColl.  After my PhD in 2009, I continued as Research Assistant in the same Department, working on a 3year NERC funded knowledge exchange project led by Prof Marian Scott. The project investigated trends in water quality over time and space; studied the drivers of the trends; the association between bathing water quality and health, and the effect of weather on health. I also worked briefly as part of the Interdisciplinary Quantitative Ecosystem Services Team (INQUEST) with the objective of studying ways of incorporating uncertainty in the Quantification of Ecosystem Services.

Research Projects

I started working in the Epidemiology Research Unit at SRUC Inverness in June 2012.

I am part of WP 6.1 team which focus on livestock disease measurement, monitoring and control. My remit is to liaise with stakeholders to identify the main disease risks arising from climate change and trade patterns with a view to quantifying these risks.

  • EPIC consortium: This is the Scottish Government’s Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks.   I am involved in module 2 and module 3 which are concerned with the analyses of potential disease control options and risks associated with animal movements respectively.
  • BPEX Health and Welfare Monitoring: the development of tools and/or strategies for the provision of baseline data and ongoing monitoring of health and welfare status in the pig industry of England.
  • Premium Cattle Health Scheme: Investigation of the duration of time till herd accreditation and the impact of losing accreditation due to a particular disease


I provide statistical advice to the staff and students of NHS Highland.

Dr Jude Eze

Quantitative Scientist

Address: Future Farming Systems
Epidemiology Research Unit
Plot 10, An Lòchran
Inverness Campus

Telephone: 01463 246058

Fax: 01463 236579

E-mail: jude.eze@sruc.ac.uk