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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Jo Donbavand

Research Technician
Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Research interests 

I am a research technician working mainly on welfare and behaviour trials, covering all species of farm animals and poultry.

Selected research projects

  • EU FP7: AWIN Project (several European collaborators)
    Developing welfare assessment protocols for sheep. Assessing the impact of maternal handling in pregnancy on stress responsiveness and behavioural development in lambs and kids
  • Scottish Government: SPASE
    Identifying the risks and quantifying the impacts of exposure to aversive early life events for livestock productivity
  • Defra Gamebird Welfare
    Study to provide scientific evidence on whether cage-based breeding for pheasants and partridges can fully meet birds’ needs, and if not to identify best practice for improving the breeding environment for gamebirds

    Selected publications

    • An ethological approach to determining housing requirements of gamebirds in raised laying units. Stephanie M. Matheson, Jo Donbavand, Victoria Sandilands, Tom Pennycott, Simon P. Turner.  Applied Animal Behaviour Science 165 (2015) 17–24
    • Positive and negative gestational handling influences placental traits and mother-offspring behaviour in dairy goats. Emma M. Baxter, Johan Mulligan, Sarah A. Hall, Jo E. Donbavand, Rupert Palme, Emad Aldujaili, Adroaldo J. Zanella, Cathy M. Dwyer Physiology& Behaviour 2016