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SRUC 2015-2016 Performance Indicators for Further Education Level Provision

The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) reports on an annual basis on each college’s learner performance across Scotland. SRUC is a designated Higher Education Institution providing both Further Education and Higher Education. This report focuses only on our Further Education provision which is up to but not including the Higher National Certificate level or all courses up to SCQF level 7.

The information provided by the SFC enables us to review our academic success on an annual basis and also allows us to benchmark ourselves nationally against the rest of the Scottish College sector.

It is our pleasure to publish the 2015-2016 data on our website in the form of various charts. To aid your reading of the results the highlights can be summarised as follows:

  1. SRUC maintains a high degree of success in its learners at the Further Education Level with 71% of full time students who enrol with us successfully achieving their qualification and this continues to be above Scottish National Average. (The Scottish National Average in 2015/16 was 64%)
  2. 82% of our part time learners, for courses above 10 hours also successfully achieved their desired targets. This result means we are one of the top colleges in Scotland achieving this level of success in respect of part-time Further Education Level provision. (The Scottish National Average in 2015/16 was 76%)
  3. 84% of students who came to us from the 10% most deprived data zone areas successfully achieved their qualification which is in line with the Scottish National Average. This shows an increase of 19% from 2014/15 (The Scottish National Average in 2015/16 was 65%)
  4. 71% of students with a recognised disability successfully passed their qualification. (The Scottish National Average in 2015/16 was 66%)

SRUC as the National Land-based College for Scotland is committed to providing high quality education and training at its six campuses to ensure our further education provision is accessible to all and can provide an important stepping stone both into employment and onto Higher Education.

These performance indicators provide us with important outcomes for us to measure our success and improve our performance where appropriate year-on-year. To enable us to do so we will be analysing the data in detail both against sector averages and where relevant on a course by course basis to ensure we continually strive to enhance and improve the quality of our teaching and learning.

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