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Electricity Buying Service

Electricity Buying Service

Many farmers could be paying significantly less for business electricity – are you paying too much?

SAC Consulting’s Electricity Buying Service has been specifically designed for our clients to take the hassle and worry out of the process by:

  • Getting prices from our panel of carefully selected suppliers
  • Using the buying power of our large client base to achieve the best prices
  • Giving you a choice of popular suppliers with different attributes
  • Taking no commission and acting entirely in your interests
  • Giving you peace of mind that you have a good deal
  • Providing you with benchmark information about your energy consumption and price

You can sign up at any stage of your current electricity contract – contact your local FRBS office for details.

Why should you use us to switch or renew your business energy contract?

Searching the market to find the best energy deal can be a laborious task and as a result businesses often end up paying well over the odds for their energy supply. By using SAC’s Electricity Buying Service you can eliminate the hassle of having to search for the best deal, but at the same time be reassured that you are not paying more than you need to for your energy. Here are a few key reasons why using Electricity Buying Service can be helpful:

Competition - We give suppliers a single opportunity to put forward their best price. They know that there is no question of haggling and that if they aren’t cheaper than the rest, they have immediately lost the opportunity to have you as their client.

Information - We understand how both the suppliers and the different types of electricity contracts operate. We can spot if there is a problem with the type of contract you are on, and know what to do to sort things out. We understand the complaints procedure, when to complain to a supplier directly, and when to escalate a complaint to the Ombudsman. We also understand how the energy market works and what wholesale market trends are likely to mean for you – reducing the scope for suppliers to ‘talk up’ the market when pricing your contract.

Transparency - Unlike brokers we act independently from any supplier and do not take commission - the information we provide is not biased in any way. We are here to provide you, a client of SAC, with a good service and obtain a competitive contract. Our recommendations factor in the overall suitability of the supplier with regard to not only pricing but customer service as well. We are fully transparent with our service fees.

Ease - We will handle the entire process of negotiating your contract for you. We will liaise with your current supplier to terminate your supply, preventing you from being auto renewed or rolled on to ‘out of contract’ charges at the end of your current contract. We will gather all the relevant information essential to the switching/renewal process and can handle complicated issues related to your energy supply, such as having more than one premises or multiple meters. At the appropriate time we will tender your supplies to our panel of suppliers and contact you with the results and our recommendations. We then take your instruction as to which supplier you wish to go with and set up the contracts. We will monitor your account until your new contract has commenced to ensure smooth transfer. We will also deal with any issues that arise with regards to renewing or switching your supply.

How does EBS work?

How does ebs work

* Acceptances can also be emailed or taken by verbal agreement. However, paperwork must still be returned as soon as possible.
** Most suppliers will send their own welcome packs to the clients – we will provide information for those who don’t.

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Electricity Buying Service

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