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Eilidh Macpherson

Eilidh MacPherson

Course: HD Agriculture

Campus: Edinburgh

Graduated: 1989

Having grown up on a hill sheep and beef farm on the Isle of Skye, Eilidh has an extensive background in the farming sector. When that understanding is combined with over a decade of writing experience, something magical happens!

After graduating from an HD Agriculture course in Edinburgh, Eilidh moved to New Zealand, where she first wrote ‘From Thistle to Fern.’ This book tells the stories of Scots setting up lives in New Zealand on High Country Sheep Stations. While in New Zealand, Eilidh also wrote for the New Zealand Farmer, Southland Times and the High Country Herald.

After returning to Scotland in 2003, Eilidh established, an online magazine. It was then renamed Farming Country in 2012 and sold in newsagents and shops across Scotland.

‘300 Farmers of Scotland’, published in 2016, and ‘200 Farmers of Scotland’, published in 2017, show the wide range of farmers and crofters that are abundant in Scotland’s rural communities. Eilidh has brought new life and fresh perspective to farming in Scotland with images and interviews.

200 Farmers of Scotland by alumna Eilidh MacPherson

In ‘200 Farmers of Scotland’, Eilidh was able to travel to Europe to interview some farmers about their way of life:

"This time, as well as full-time farmers I’ve included a few others, who work in the agricultural sector and the last chapter covers some European farmers.  I was lucky enough to travel to Poland, Finland and Switzerland this past year and hope you, the reader, will find their farming and culture as interesting as I did.  The descent of the cows from the Swiss Alps around the village of Schupfheim at the end of September was a truly amazing experience."

Now, Eilidh and her husband, Richard Nixon, have a sheep hill farm at Marbrack with around 1200 Blackface sheep. Eilidh also publishes the bi-monthly Farming Country magazine and loves photography, working with her sheep dogs, travel and spending time with family and friends.

‘200 Farmers of Scotland’ is on sale in farm retail outlets, farm shops and select bookstores across Scotland, and Glens Farm Supplies in England. Direct orders can be done by emailing


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