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Laura Barwick

Course: Rural Business Mangement (Bachelor of Arts)
Campus: SRUC Edinburgh
Graduated: 2012

Laura Barwick works at Scotbeef Ltd, Scotland’s leading red meat manufacturer, as Agricultural Livestock Liaison Manager. Laura’s career isn’t the typical choice for a female graduate.

“Many people are surprised to find a young woman in my role in the red meat industry, however I love it and I like to challenge stereotypes!”

Alumni Laura grew up on the family farm in the Scottish Borders, near Jedburgh.

“Agriculture is in my blood. It’s a way of life for me and something I am passionate about, yet when it came to choosing a career I couldn’t see a clear path for me. I knew agriculture would be at the heart of my career, but I just wasn’t sure how.

“I have a methodical way of thinking and I like to challenge how things are done, in that way I am very like my Dad who is always trying to make the farm more efficient and improve the business.

“I combined this with my love of agriculture and studied Rural Business Management at SRUC. My studies really brought the business side alive for me; it was the perfect fit and course for me.

“I enjoyed the practical elements of my degree the most where I spent time as a consultant in real life rural diversification projects. They were challenging projects yet the opportunity to innovate and suggest improvements to businesses helped me realise where I thrived and ultimately led me to choose the career I’m following.”

Alumni photoLaura joined Scotbeef in 2012 as an Agricultural Liaison Coordinator and after 2 short years was promoted to her current position. Now in its 4th generation, Scotbeef is privately owned company – with the Galloway family still at the forefront of the business.

“I believe that what you put in is what you get out, and I certainly made the most of the opportunities I was given at SRUC and I feel I have applied that approach in my job. “My role always challenges on how to make a difference, and I am involved in several research trials and projects. Since entering the world of work I have realised that there is always an opportunity for learning in every situation, even if the results aren’t what you originally envisaged and hoped for. “I still refer back to the grounding I gained while studying at SRUC – the people and the learning processes set me up fantastically and I would do it again in a heart beat. My attitude and approach is my driving force and that was nurtured and developed while studying at SRUC and is being pushed and developed even further now with Scotbeef. I feel very fortunate indeed."

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