Alumni profiles

SRUC has a rich history, spanning over a century since the West, East and North Colleges were founded in 1900s, right up until the recent merger between SAC and Barony, Elmwood and Oatridge Colleges. We are proud of our past, and here we celebrate our alumni from all of our campuses.

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Jillian Gordon

Alumna Jillian Gordon

Enrolled for one year, stayed for four!

Siobhan Docherty (Mackey)

Siobhan Docherty

Highflyer on and off the High Street.

Lorna McCartney

Lorna McCartney

From an office with no windows to one with no walls.

The Roan Family

Roan's dairy with kids

Fresher than the udders.

Gerard Macdonald

Gerard McDonald

Oyster farmer from Isle of Barra.

Carolina Berman

Carolina Berman

From South America to SRUC.

Laura Barwick

Laura Barwick

It's a woman's world.

Ron Currie

Ron Currie

Arrived as a student, stayed for 46 years.

Elizabeth & Lamond Milne

Elizabeth and Lamond Milne

Aberdeen in the swinging '60s.

Alex Dunbar

Alex Dunbar

Rising rugby star.