Scotland's Water

Scotland's water“Scotland's water is amongst the best in Europe, with over 60 per cent of water bodies already of good or better status” - Scottish Government, 2010.

Rivers, lochs and groundwater provide all our drinking water and the water farmers need to grow our food. Water is still at the heart of the economic success for many of our rural towns and villages and our world-renowned whisky and fish farming industries depend on its high environmental quality.

Our waters support a great diversity of wildlife and a significant number are identified as protected areas because of their importance for the conservation of internationally rare or endangered species.

Some of the best salmon runs in the UK are found in our rivers and many of our best known landscapes are associated with water. In short, our water environment is an integral part of Scotland's cultural fabric.

Scotland’s water quality is generally good and water management has led to huge improvements in water quality over the last 50 years. However, diffuse pollution is now the largest source of pollution in Scotland’s waters and we need to work together across all sectors to both protect and improve water quality.

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