Smarter Farming

Precision Farming

SRUC is a leading centre for development and application of new technology to improve farming outcomes. Through applied research and more specific product based research, SRUC has already been deeply involved in development of new products.

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New sets of technologies and ideas are evolving to automatically collect data, with development work needed to interpret this data to improve management.

Much of this is technology led but requires considerable development and research so the management applications can move into practice.

SRUC’s Smarter Farming technology in practice have involved significant interactions with small technology companies and some significant grant awards. The current lead is held through a series of projects using various technologies to collect both scientific data and latterly to use as real and potential management tools.

Smarter Farming Topics

Precision Animal Feeding Systems
Monitoring Growth and Conformation of Beef Cattle
Rumen acidosis and pH boluses
Monitoring Health of Cows in Automated Milking Systems
Thermal Imaging Systems for Animal Health Monitoring
Activity and Lameness Monitoring (Leg Mounted Sensors)
Imaging Technologies for Pig Welfare Monitoring
Wearable Technologies: Oestrus, Intake, Rumination, Circadian Rythms
Virtual Fencing Systems
Using Sheep Weights for Precision Feeding in Extensive Sheep Systems
LoRa-WAN and Geolocation in Remote Areas
Using Geolocation in Management of Cattle and Sheep
Electronic Identification and Targeted Strategic Treatment of Sheep
Calf Health Monitoring Technologies
Precision Farming in Grassland – Controlled Traffic in Grassland Production
Satellite Images for Grassland/Grazing Prediction
NDVI to Measure Above Ground Pasture Biomass
The Socio-economics of Precision Farming (PATs)