Countryside Management is about addressing the needs of the natural heritage and environment, and the people who work and play in it, to the advantage of all concerned.

This necessitates a broad understanding of aspects such as:

  • Habitat and species management
  • Recreational provision and management
  • Geology and geomorphology
  • Land use and ecology.

The factors affecting the wider environment are constantly increasing and range from agriculture and forestry to recreation, urban development and population growth.

These in turn have knock-on effects such as climate change, water and food shortages, habitat and species loss and the impact of non-native species.

Good management of the land and countryside is key to ensure that it can be profitable for those who own and work the land, but also accessible to the public and be done sustainably, allowing wildlife space to thrive.

As SRUC specialises in land-based industries, you can sure that you will be well trained in how to deal with the current and future issues of countryside management and conservation.

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