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Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP)


SRDP Budget

The SRDP budget for 2014 – 2020 is over £1.3 billion and will be used to deliver on the following priorities:

  • Enhancing the rural economy
  • Supporting agricultural businesses
  • Protecting and improving the natural environment
  • Addressing the impact of climate change
  • Supporting rural communities

Details of all the schemes are available on the Scottish Government's Rural Payments and Services website.

The new SRDP which opened to applications in January 2015 includes:

Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS) (£459m).  The current scheme is to continue, however it will be reviewed and a replacement scheme and designation will be in place by 2018.

Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (£350m).  Targeted support is available for land managers to undertake management and capital work for environmental purposes.  Organic conversion and maintenance will also be supported.

Forestry Grant Scheme (£252m).  Funding is available for woodland creation, agroforestry, tree health, woodland improvement, sustainable management of forests and processing and marketing of forest products.
Beef Package (£45m).  Support towards genetic resilience will be available.  There will also be targeted support for the beef sector through other budget lines including Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund and the Advisory Service.

Entrants Support (£20m).  Support is provided for start-up grants for new entrant young farmers (up to 40 years old).  Further support is  also available for new entrants, regardless of age, to access capital funding to help develop, modernise or adapt their business. 

Crofting Support Scheme (£14m) and Small Farms Support Scheme (£6m).  These schemes will provide support for investments related to development, modernisation or adaptation of crofts and small farms.  

Food and Drink Support (£70m).  Start-up grants for new enterprises and business development grants are available for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Advisory Service (£20m).  A new Scottish Agricultural and Rural Advisory Service is proposed that will provide advice and assistance to farmers, crofters, forest holders and other land managers.  The service will potentially be launched in 2016.

Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund (KTIF) (£10m).  Funding is  available for training, skills development and knowledge transfer and will assist in the sharing and implementation of innovative ways of improving working practices.  There is also continued support for monitor farms. 

Support for Co-operative Action (£10m).  Funding will be available to help rural businesses work together to deliver larger environmental benefits.

LEADER (£86m). These funds will provide support for communities and businesses to help them achieve their ambitions.  £20 million has been allocated for specific support for small business growth, including £10 million for farm and croft diversification. 

In addition £9 million has been allocated to improving broadband infrastructure in rural areas and £15 million for technical SRDP support.  

Broadband (£9m).  Support for improving broadband infrastructure in rural areas.

Technical Assistance (£15m). Supporting and promoting rural development through the sharing of ideas and best practice. This includes SRDP implementation, evaluation and monitoring.

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