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Careers Advice - Horticulture

Gardening fork

What is horticulture?

We find that there are a number of recurring myths about horticulture:

  • Horticulture is just a fancy word for gardening.
  • You can't get a highly paid job in horticulture as it is an industry dominated by unskilled labour.
  • Horticulture is only worth considering if you have not done very well at school

Let's look at the facts

Horticulture includes the growing and selling of food crops and ornamental
plants, garden design and landscaping.

The horticulture industry is the largest employer in the UK. There are 18.5 million gardens in the UK. Over £2,000 million is spent on plants and other gardening products each year.

Millions of tourists come and visit the British Isles each year. Often the main reason for their visit is to see and enjoy our wonderful parks and gardens.

In addition there are sports facilities including golf courses to care for.

We are only really scratching the surface, but this should give you an idea of the enormous potential a career in horticulture can offer.

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