Career Prospects

The courses offered at SRUC are very varied and open up a huge range of possible career avenues, from engineers to environmental consultants.

Our courses are designed with industry in mind and our tutors understand the workplace that their students are ultimately aiming for. So by taking a course at SRUC, you will be well prepared for what awaits once you have finished.

Take a look at the Lantra Scotland career pages for further inspiration and advice.

Scottish Government

National Improvement Hub

You can also take a look at the Scottish Government's Careers in Agriculture pages.

LANTRA Scotland

CARAS Award Winners - Mary Bowman, Declan Brown, Ewan Lambie, Ruairidh MacKinnon

LANTRA Careers Guides

Campus Specific Advice

Student group

Go here for information on careers advice available at your campus.

Student Stories

Cultivate Magazine

Our blog has some gradaute stories which may inspire you!

Career Advisors

Oatridge open evening

Further information for career advisors on what SRUC has to offer.

SRUC Student Recruitment

Telephone: 0800 269 453