Barony Campus - Adverse Weather Warning

Closed to non residential students on Wednesday, 19th September. Barony Campus will be open on Thursday, 20th September.

Current Students

From here current students can access the virtual learning environment used for each campus as well as find out what the term dates are for that campus (as each campus can be slightly different).

Below are also links to each of the campus libraries, where you can find information about opening times and other services that the libraries provide.

Following the passing of the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 and the subsequent publication of the BSL National Plan (2017-2023) universities and colleges in Scotland are required to publish institutional plans by October 2018. SRUC welcome this opportunity to create a BSL Plan and translation of key information that demonstrates how we are ensuring that the Deaf Community and BSL users are welcomed and included at our campuses.

At SRUC we are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive culture that ensures we have a supportive environment for prospective and current staff and students, and members of the public. We aim to create an environment where everyone is aware of the support we offer and to ensure that  our services are accessible to all ensuring that all members of our community are able to participate equally.



Moodle is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used by students and staff at SRUC.

Campus Term Dates

Open Days

Term dates vary between campuses due to the different types of course and how those courses are tutored.

SRUC Student Recruitment

Telephone: 0800 269 453