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2011: Mobile Phone Coverage in Rural Scotland

Communications infrastructure is vital for underpinning activities and wellbeing in rural Scotland, but many rural areas have no, or very limited and unreliable, mobile phone coverage. These areas are known as 'not-spots'. Not-spots have varying impacts on those living and working in rural Scotland, ranging from inconvenience and exclusion to potentially life-threatening scenarios.

This Policy Briefing explores the reasons for the existence of not-spots in rural Scotland, and discusses some of the impacts, drawing on case study information from the Scottish Borders. The Briefing concludes by suggesting some actions that could be taken to reduce the not-spots problem, including greater clarity about the roles of Westminster and Holyrood in addressing the issues, better mapping of not-spots to indicate where improvements are needed most, and a more detailed examination of the infrastructure and commercial barriers to mobile phone coverage in rural areas.  

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Mobile Phone Coverage in Rural Scotland

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