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2009: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agriculture

These briefings look at some of the issues facing policymakers as they face the difficult challenge of how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture.


Agriculture produces a significant proportion of Scottish greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with estimates varying between 12% (Scottish Executive 2006) and 25% (Agriculture and Climate Change Stakeholder Group 2008). Although there have been significant reductions in emissions from agriculture in recent years, further reductions will be expected because governments have set challenging targets for long-term emission reductions. At the UK level, the Climate Change Act 2008 requires a CO2 reduction of 80% (from 1990 levels) by 2050. At the Scottish level, the proposal is for a similar reduction of 80% by 2050. For such targets to be met the potential mechanisms through which emissions can be reduced in each sector (e.g. transport, electricity generation, agriculture) will have to be examined and the best options adopted and promoted.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agriculture

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