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2013: EBVs in the Scottish sheep sector

This Research Briefing reports the key findings of a study exploring the barriers to the uptake of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for genetic selection and improvement in the Scottish sheep sector.

A number of key barriers to uptake were identifed across the sheep supply chain, including the importance placed on the aesthetic looks of an animal at auction markets, varying levels of enthusiasm for EBVs amongst breed societies, and changes to advisory services.

The briefing suggests a number of policy responses to address these barriers. These include, the need to improve objectivity in carcass quality assessment, improved knowledge exchange between all actors and updates to the recording system.

The case study provides evidence that innovation is not just about getting the science and technology right, but also about changing policies, rules and regulations, and culture amongst various actors.

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    EBVs in the Scottish Sheep Sector

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