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2015: Investigation of Barriers to Uptake of Electronic Identification (EID) for Sheep Management

Sheep with tags

Research Briefing

The tagging of sheep and cattle has been used in the livestock industry for over 60years. It is only in the past 5 years that the compulsory tagging of sheep with Electronic Identification (EID) tags has been introduced

Researchers at SRUC's Hill and Mountain Research Centre have produced a Research Briefing summarising the findings from a survey of farmers to investigate the potential barriers to uptake of Electronic Identification (EID) for sheep management.

Additionally the same researchers have produced a Policy Briefing on the topic of EID tagging and how to make the most of this compulsory requirement. Both are available to download below.

Download the Briefings

2015: Barriers to the uptake of EID (Research Briefing)

2015: Electronic Identification (Policy Briefing)

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