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Improving Farm Business Efficiency

Farming for a Better Climate (FFBC)

It's widely accepted that climate change is happening and that man's activities are accelerating these changes. It's already beginning to have an impact on how we farm, for example unexpected weather patterns or the emergence of new pests and diseases not normally seen in Scotland. The uncertainty accompanying these changes means the need to improve business resilience in a changing climate is going to become even more important.

For example, assessing fuel use and where possible, utilising energy from renewable sources can help to reduce our energy demand from fossil fuels, lower the farm carbon footprint and lead to smaller energy bills on the farm. This kind of action can help us demonstrate that as a sector, we are already contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions implicated in climate change.

Farmers across Scotland can benefit from free advice and guidance on topics ranging from energy use and renewables to improving nutrient use and better livestock management that could help to improve farm performance whilst also lowering the farm carbon footprint. SRUC have been working with a range of 'climate change focus farmers' to test out some of the things we can do to reduce our emissions from the farm, which can also benefit the farm business and help to reduce our impact on the environment.

For more information on how this could benefit your farm, practical guides and farmer case studies visit Farming for a Better Climate.


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