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Farm Management Research

Tractor harvester in field

Learning from the Past

Policy intervention in agriculture has a long history and has been important in shaping the farming industry of today. Understanding how policy measures alone and interacting with other factors influence the management of farms is essential in order to develop more effective policy and achieve societal goals.

Evaluating the effects of policy on farm businesses is therefore one of our areas of work.  Dr Cath Milne has been the lead independent evaluator for two of the Welsh Government Supply ("WG") Chain Efficiency Scheme Projects (TAG and Cywain) which are funded as part of the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013.  Cath also led the evaluation of the Young Entrants Support Scheme in Wales ("YESS") as delivered in 2010-11 and completed and 'Economic assessment of potential options relating to the 6 day standstill' for Welsh government.

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