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SAC-SEPA Conference 2010

Climate, Water & Soil: Science, Policy & Practice

The 2010 SAC-SEPA conference (organised in association with the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Scottish Crop Research Institute and Forest Research) took place in Edinburgh on 31st March and 1st April 2010.

This multi-disciplinary conference addressed our current understanding of the management of climate, water and soils in a rapidly changing policy, economic and natural environment. The conference concentrated on how global changes affect issues at national, landscape and local scales. It presented not only the best possible science and research knowledge but also provided a forum to raise and discuss ways in which policy needed to be adapted to meet future challenges and how management at landscape and local scales could be identified, prioritised and delivered in the context of multiple drivers. Land management was a cross-cutting theme of the Conference. 

The conference was opened by Campbell Gemmell (Chief Executive, SEPA) and the opening address was provided by Richard Lochhead MSP. This was followed by a total of 21 platform presentations over the two days, arranged under four main themes listed below.

Theme 1:  Climate, Water and Soil:  Addressing the Challenge
Chaired by James Curran (Director of Environmental Science, SEPA) with keynote papers from Pete Smith (Chair in Plant and Soil Science, University of Aberdeen) and David Gorman (Head of Environmental Strategy, SEPA) covering the changing climate and policy implications. Further papers and posters included topics such as climate proofing policies, overcoming institutional and land management barriers and behavioural change.

Theme 2:  Managing the Challenge at a Landscape Scale
Chaired by Brian Chambers (Head of Soils and Nutrients, ADAS) with keynote paper from Bob Ferrier (Head of Catchment Management, Macaulay Institute) titled ‘Global issues at catchment scale: A challenge for soil and water management’. Further papers and posters included topics such as impacts on agricultural production, land use change, renewable energy, carbon sequestration, GHG emissions, flooding and erosion.

Theme 3:  Managing the Challenge at a Local Scale
Chaired by Peter Gregory (Director/Chief Executive, SCRI) with keynote paper from Phil Haygarth (Co-Director, Centre for Sustainable Water Management, University of Lancaster) titled ‘Can soil and water be managed for multiple objectives?’. Further papers and posters included topics such as farm level carbon accounting, farm actions, crop selection, agronomic challenges, soil and water management, soil processes and biodiversity.

Theme 4:  Rising to the Challenge
Chaired by Bill McKelvey (Chief Executive, SAC) with keynote paper from Jonathan Hall (Head of Rural Policy, NFUS) titled ‘What land managers need and want to know’. Further papers discussed how the lowlands, uplands and forestry sectors rise to the challenge. Janice Milne (Head of Environmental Policy, SEPA) and John Oldham (Head of Research and Development, SAC) delivered closing papers on future policy needs and delivering the science.

Download the SAC-SEPA Conference 2010 programme

Download the SAC-SEPA Conference 2010 proceedings

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