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1.4 Corporate Planning

Our Mission Statement

Committed to excellence in the advancement, communication and translation of knowledge throughout the rural sector.

Our Vision

Leading innovation and sustainable development in agriculture and the rural sector - locally, nationally & internationally.

Our Aims

  • Build a culture of educational excellence through the development of a Rural University College with degree awarding powers.
  • Be a top UK agriculturally focused HEI with increased global links and impact.
  • Create a new FE/HE model for Scotland with innovative delivery of academic and practical expertise to enhance articulation and progression opportunities.
  • Provide an enabling culture that supports our staff, students, stakeholders and our institution in achieving our vision and mission.

Corporate Strategies

Our Corporate and Divisional Strategic Business Plans are available for download below.

For further information contact Colin Peebles, Company Secretary,, 0131 535 4432.

Corporate Policies

As a newly fromed organisation, SRUC is in the process of developing its corporate policies. Consultation with staff and relevant Trade Unions is part of the development process. The policies already finalised are shown below. Further policies will be added when they are finalised.

Human Resources Policies

A Policy Working Group (PWG) is currently reviewing all HR policies across SRUC, with the ultimate aim of developing fit-for-purpose policies across the organisation.

To date, 3 policies have been approved, and are about to implemented - Attendance Management, Disciplinary and Grievance.

Other policies are being prioritised for review, and will be completed over the coming months.  In the meantime, until such time that they are adopted as SRUC policies, those previously adopted at Barony, Elmwood, Oatridge and legacy SAC will continue to apply.

For further information contact Robert McCallum, Head of HR,, 0131 535 4166.

Property and Estates Policies

SRUC currently have a wide range of policies covering all Property & Estates functions. These are regularly reviewed and updated in line with current legislation.

Due to the recent merger these are currently being reviewed to reflect additional sites and changes of reporting structure. These Policies will also require re-branding.

Any specific queries relating to Property and Estates Policies should be directed to Clive Richardson, Property and Estates Group Manager,, 0131 535 4330.

Finance Policies

Any specific queries relating to Finance Polices should be directed to Hugh Anderson, Director of Finance,, 0131 535 4431.

Health & Safety Policies

Other Policies

QA Standards

SRUC Contracts Office is responsible for all aspects of quality assurance and maintenance of QA standards, for further information contact Mike Smith, Head of Contracts Office,, 0131 535 4074.

Strategic Planning Processes and Procedures

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