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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Class 1: About SRUC

Information about SRUC, who we are, where to find us, how to contact us, how we are managed and our external relations.

1.1 General Information about SRUC

  • Authority name, address and contact details for headquarters and principal offices
  • Organisational structure, roles and responsibilities of senior officers
  • Business opening hours
  • Academic year dates
  • Holidays
  • Contact details for customer care and complaints functions
  • Document serving
  • Single Model Publication Scheme 2013 and the authority's Guide to Information
  • Charging schedule for published information
  • Contact details and advice about how to request information from the authority

1.2 Constitution

  • Legal framework for the authority, including constitution, articles of association or charter
  • Governance policies
  • External contacts

1.3 How SRUC is run

  • Governance structure, Board, committees and other decision making structures
  • Governance precepts
  • Governance policies, including standing orders, code of conduct and register of interests
  • Conflict of interests policy
  • Relationships with the General Council
  • Subsidiary Companies
  • Honorary Degrees

1.4 Corporate Planning

  • Our mission statement
  • Our vision
  • Our aims
  • Corporate strategies
  • Performance indicators
  • Corporate policies
  • Strategic planning processes and procedures

1.5 External Relations

  • Accountability relationships, including reports to regulators
  • Internal and external audit arrangements
  • Subsidiary companies and other significant financial interests
  • Strategic agreements with other bodies