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2014: Rural Scotland in Focus Report

RSiF, Rural Scotland in focus, front cover

The third edition of Rural Scotland in Focus, Rural Scotland in Focus 2014, was launched on Monday 2nd June.

Since starting to publish our Reports in 2010, our ambition has been to produce impartial, evidence-based commentary which takes you to the heart of key rural issues, with links to a wide range of documents for you to explore further.

In our 2014 edition, we continue to address critical issues - important not only to rural Scotland, but to how rural can continue to enhance its contribution to a vibrant Scottish economy, society and environment. Topics include:

  • How Scotland’s population, economic activity and housing needs are changing.
  • Young people contributing to a vibrant rural Scotland.
  • Rural poverty and disadvantage: falling between the cracks?
  • The importance of integrated spatial planning in rural areas.
  • Report conclusions: People, place s and policy: Where next for Rural Scotland?

We provide an update, with new data, on: housing completions and need; population growth or reduction; migration patterns; employment trends; and the ongoing critical importance of broadband. We focus on young peoples' migration and/or exclusion patterns; whether to stay or to leave the rural communities in which they grew up; and what more needs to be done to support them.

We 'unpack' rural poverty and disadvantage and review key national policies and strategies from 1999-2014 for tackling rural poverty and disadvantage in Scotland. We then assess spatial planning, and why an integrated approach is essential given rural Scotland is facing multiple and increasing demands and opportunities for its finite land resource.

We conclude by bringing these themes together. We explore why integration must increase, because people and communities in rural Scotland experience their lives where all these different elements intersect. We identify the need for a shared overall vision and accompanying strategy for rural Scotland, to support the development of further resilience and vibrancy.  

The report is available to download from the download section below, where you can also download a two page Rural Policy Centre Research Briefing which summarises the Report's key findings.

Download the 2014 Report and Briefing

Rural Scotland in Focus 2014 (report) - high resolution and low resolution options are available

Rural Scotland in Focus 2014: Summary of Key Messages (Research Briefing)



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