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Who we are

Dr Luiza Toma

Behavioural Economist

  • Impact of knowledge and information on climate change perceptions and behaviour
  • Farmers’ attitudes and behaviour towards disease eradication and animal welfare
  • Animal welfare and consumers behaviours
  • Perceptions of biotechnology innovations
  • Farmers’ perceptions of innovative knowledge transfer

My main interest lies in the economic modelling of behaviour towards climate change, animal welfare and health, biotechnology. I am also interested in the macroeconomic modelling of linkages between climate change and agricultural trade, and economic modelling of climate change impact on farm efficiency.

Recent work related to climate change behaviour has examined the impact of knowledge and information on perceptions of CO2 capture and storage and the impact of information on climate change behaviour. I have around 40 peer-reviewed publications (journal articles and book chapters) and over 50 presentations at international conferences, some of which can be found on my staff profile.

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