Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Scottish Government Veterinary Services Programme

This page provides information on some of the initiatives delivered as part of the Scottish Government’s Veterinary Services programme. Click here for the 2017/18 Report

Animal Disease Surveillance

Providing information on the current health and disease status of farmed livestock. This ensures that new and emerging problems are detected and changes in the occurrence of animal disease are identified.

Animal Health Planning System (SAHPS)

A user friendly, web based, health planning system which allows farmers and their vets to manage flock/herd health and production.

Bee Health

Promoting awareness of bee diseases and pests and providing general advice on good husbandry and management practices to ensure healthy honey bee colonies. SAC delivers education, training and knowledge transfer on behalf of the Scottish Government to meet the outcomes of the Honey Bee Health Strategy for Scotland. The main aim of this strategy is to achieve a sustainable and healthy population of Honey Bees.

Wild Bird Disease Surveillance

Monitoring the incidence of infections or disease in wild birds to provide expert advice.