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Applied Science and Technology Careers

Careers and Employment

SRUC’s Applied Science and Technology courses lead you to a variety of career opportunities.

Applied Animal Science

The livestock sector offers a wealth of career opportunities. Past graduates have gained employment as veterinary research assistants, investigating livestock diseases such as BSE. Others have found jobs as technical representatives for animal health products, joined feed companies as nutritionists, or entered careers in livestock breeding. Some graduates have been appointed as animal health officers and animal welfare officers.

Applied Bioscience

The bioscience sector is dynamic and diverse. Past graduates specialising in plant science options have entered research positions in plant pathology, crop quality, weed control, plant trials, and biofuels. Those taking the biotechnology options within the course have found employment with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Invitrogen and Adgen Agrifood Diagnostics. Those with a food science focus have entered positions in areas such as food quality and safety, or in food product development. Other graduates have become secondary school Biology teachers after completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

Agricultural Science

Many specialist posts in support of the agricultural industry require science graduates. Examples of the jobs of Agricultural Science graduates include farm business consultant, farm conservation adviser, agronomist, meat hygiene inspector and environmental supervisor for a composting company.

Sustainable Building Technology

Opportunities for successful students of Sustainable Building Technology will be found in the building services, engineering and design sectors. Expertise in low-carbon design, low-energy consumption, and renewable and sustainable building are needed by both private companies and the public sector, such as local government planning and building control departments.

Green Technology

In the UK’s renewable energy and environmental sectors, 400,000 new jobs are forecast by 2020, with 160,000 of them in Scotland. Graduates of SRUC’s innovative Green Technology degree are expected to gain employment as project managers, technical representatives and technicians with companies operating in the renewable energy, waste management or bioproduct supply chain sectors. Others might enter posts as consultants, inspectors or development officers with environmental agencies and organisations promoting energy efficiency, recycling and the expansion of sustainable technologies.

“The course is challenging but its good to be studying subjects which seem to be discussed in the news and media every day. This is bound to be reflected in the job market as time goes on.”

Kieron Smith, Green Technology

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