Veterinary CPD Courses

CPD courses

Forthcoming training events:

Online BVD CPD Course for Vets

SAC Consulting: Veterinary Services has produced an online CPD module to support BVD control and eradication. This recently updated module provides technical information to support you in running BVD programmes for your clients.  To apply click here.

Customised CPD Courses

It may be possible to run bespoke CPD courses tailored to the needs of your practice. Such courses can be delivered at a location and time which fits best with your practice schedule. If this is of interest please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Previous CPD courses

Courses listed below have been delivered in previous years:

  • Health Management for Game Birds
  • Cattle and Sheep Parasitology
  • Bitesize CPD courses
  • Health Planning for the Beef Cow Herd
  • Practical Bovine Ultrasonography
  • Infectious Diseases of Cattle
  • Vetnomics, a crash course on genomics for animal breeding
  • Beef and Sheep Nutrition
  • Health Planning for the Sheep Flock
  • Health Planning for the Dairy Herd
  • Mastitis
  • Calf Mortality
  • Flock biosecurity/sheep diseases
  • Mycoplasma infections in cattle
  • Antimicrobials resistance
  • Transition cow feeding and management
  • Respiratory Disease in young Cattle
  • Beef Finishing
  • Diseases of pigs and poultry
  • Post Mortems

It may be possible to run these courses if demand is sufficient.

If there are any specific topics which you would like covered by our future CPD courses please contact us.

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