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Farm Management Handbook

Farm Management Handbook 2020/21 Edition

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The Essential Guide For Those Involved With Rural Business

FMH 2017/18


The 41st edition of the Farm Management Handbook is an essential tool for any progressive farm business, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information for farmers, rural professionals, students and consultants.

In addition to the printed copies, the SAC Farm Management Handbook and Agribusiness News are now available to download online free thanks to the support of the Scottish Government and EU as part of the SRDP Farm Advisory Service.

Read Farm Management Handbook online.

As no other industry is controlled, supported and regulated more heavily by EU regulations and institutions, agriculture is widely held to be the sector most affected by Brexit.

The future for agricultural markets and support has scarcely been less certain in the past half century or more, meaning it’s more important than ever for farmers and managers to be able to understand the state of their current business as well as the opportunities for change and restructuring open to them.

The Farm Management Handbook, both online and in print, is an invaluable resource to help with the forward planning of enterprise mix, budgets, business structures and cash flows.

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