Farm Management Handbook

Farm Management Handbook 2016/17 Edition

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The Essential Guide For Those Involved With Rural Business

Farm Management Handbook

The 37th edition of the Farm Management Handbook is an essential tool for any progressive farm business, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information for farmers, rural professionals, students and consultants.

In addition to the printed copies, for the first time the SAC Farm Management Handbook and Agribusiness News will be available online free thanks to the support of the Scottish Government’s SRDP Farm Advisory Service at.

Read Farm Management Handbook online.

In response to current needs including managing the uncertainty caused by Brexit, SAC Consulting has added the following additional information to the Handbook including:

  • Guidance for new entrants on starting-up a farm or crofting business, financial planning and farming opportunities.
  • An overview of land tenure arrangements in light of the recent and forthcoming changes under Land Reform in Scotland.
  • Changes in Rural Aid Schemes.


The 2016/17 Handbook continues to provide the following updated core information:

  • Detailed gross margins for livestock, arable, forage and organic enterprises.
  • Information on renewable energy, diversification projects and organics.
  • Whole farm data for English and Scottish farms.
  • Information on labour, machinery, rural aid, taxation, contracting charges, buildings, forestry and credit.
  • Key reference data such as residual values of fertilisers.
  • Conversion rates and input prices.
  • Useful dates and timings for key farm operation and management events.


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